Project: The lowdown

Here comes our client

Discovery Communications, a powerhouse in the US media and entertainment, stands as the premier provider of pay-TV programming, captivating over three billion loyal viewers across 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Meet the solution we redesigned

Multimedia portal that was born to enhance the digital presence and user engagement for a leading global media and entertainment corporation.

Oxagile’s mission on the project

To revolutionize UX and UI, ensure seamless scalability and optimized performance for the millions of portal visitors, and bring next-gen video delivery capabilities to life, all while making the most of advanced ad management powers.

Key project goal and ways of reaching it

The big shot in the broadcasting, cable TV, and video streaming game is running a bunch of top-notch websites in the US, like Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, Animal Planet, Discovery Life, and more.

The company set their sights on a pretty bold target: they want to seriously boost the network’s traffic monetization. How to make this goal come true?

Portal’s major facelift

Introducing a fresh, modern, responsive design and 5-star viewing experience

Stealing users’ hearts

By guiding them through an effortless navigation path and delivering the right content

Ads that hit the mark

Smart content advertising and analytics for better ad targeting and revenue growth

How we made the media portal truly shine

Responsive design, ideal for multi-screen needs

We make sure the design works smoothly on all kinds of devices.

Whether users are on a phone or computer, they get the best self-adjusted view without having to fiddle around. The heavy stuff loads up smartly to keep things running super smooth, thus optimizing UX.

UX and functionality around user

Crafting UX and functionality around user

All visual elements and viewing features were designed with maximum user convenience in mind.

Among the examples are:

  • A show finder that makes it super easy for a user to access their fave shows with just a couple of clicks;
  • A hassle-free video viewing concept, when video playback doesn’t mess up the navigation;
  • Program guides — smart enough to adjust to a user’s time zone and allow for instant AJAX-based searching and filtering, without waiting for the page to reload.

Effortless content asset management is included

  • Automated new site page creation and editing
  • Best-in-class content roll-out and scheduling, which greatly streamlines updates
  • Effortless management of a rich multimedia library of 5,000+ video assets
  • An advanced theme that makes sophisticated page layout creation a breeze — no HTML or CSS knowledge required for content managers and administrators

Hitting the nail on the head with ad management

Integration with FreeWheel for effortless ad control

A go-to platform for television and streaming media service companies, empowering video advertising to thrive, thereby maximizing ad revenue and facilitating seamless business expansion.

Advanced analytics as a core pillar of elevated ad profits

Continuous capturing and analysis of viewer preferences and behavior to enhance ad placement, presented in insightful dashboards for better decision-making.

Hands-down ad positioning with one click

Administrators can seamlessly place targeted ads anywhere on a page with ease. Ads can be configured globally or tailored to specific pages.

How the client’s collaboration with Oxagile paid off

Here’s the deal: teaming up with Oxagile let Discovery Communications amuse its hundreds of thousands of daily visitors with a top-notch video experience.

Everyone’s winning with the media portal’s total makeover, and here is how:

Perks for users

A fresh, socially-enabled look and feel with ultimate user-friendliness

Content admins’ advantages

A nifty content management system packed with innovative features

Benefits for the AdOps team

Placing ads anywhere on the page is mighty easy now, and the integration with FreeWheel speeds up ad workflows

Client wins

Boosted customer loyalty, higher-quality traffic, increased ad revenue, and more advertisers interested in collab

Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Online Video, DAM/MAM, Content management, AdTech
Effort and Duration
16 months, 360 man-months
PHP, Front-End, Laravel framework, AngularJS, Backbone.js, RequireJS, CommonJS, DeviceJS, Isotope, Video.js, Brightcove Player