Continuous delivery culture

  • Comprehensive DevOps consulting: implementation models, toolchains, and more
  • Cloud-agnostic and cloud-specific CI/CD pipelines
  • Automation testing underpinned by an in-house QA framework
  • Continuous regression testing to maximize release predictability
  • Automated build integrations triggered by code changes
  • Early security tools integration
  • Solid ROI metrics to gauge process efficiency

Engineering excellence

  • Compliance with enterprise-grade code standards (PSR, Airbnb, PEP, and more)
  • Establishing custom in-house code guidelines
  • Static and dynamic analysis to detect code smells and sniffers, security flaws, etc.
  • Best practices including pair programming, code reviews, refactoring, and more
  • An average of 90% unit tests code coverage
  • Comprehensive code documentation management
  • Robust education and mentoring program

Outstanding UX and UI

  • User-centric analysis and journey mapping
  • Rapid wireframing and prototyping
  • Clean, captivating, pixel-perfect UIs across platforms
  • Easy user onboarding and intuitive navigation
  • Stunning animations and effects
  • Leveraging guidelines by Google and Apple, as well as the Carbon design system
  • A/B and multivariate user behavior testing

Performance engineering

  • Robust and highly performant backends
  • Built-in redundancy and dynamic load balancing
  • Blazing-fast frontends
  • Rigorous stress and load testing
  • High-load engineering and latency optimization
  • Cost-efficient multi-CDN approach
  • Performance-oriented custom test automation framework

Reliability and scalability

  • Highly available architectures
  • Intelligent autoscaling to meet peak traffic demands
  • On-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid infrastructures
  • Private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Strict QoE control
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring

Rock-solid security

  • Сomprehensive audits and security roadmapping
  • Firewall deployment and maintenance
  • Strong data encryption methods: AES-256, RSA, etc.
  • Vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and ethical hacking
  • Compliance with OWASP, PCI DSS, and other security standards
  • Company-wide risk management policies